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I'm Bella Mia and I'm Happy To Meet You!

Bill and Rosie took me home on October 2, 2005.  I was just eight weeks old and weighed less than two pounds. They found out that raising a puppy is a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I am very cute and right now I look like a Mini Polar Bear! Most of the day, I eat, chew, sleep, chew, pee, chew, and poop and CHEW.  It's a dog's life for me.  I'm a lucky dog and a happy dog!  Scroll down and see me!

Here I am chewing on my toys!

This is my bed.  Oh, I love to run and jump in my bed!

Here I am peeking out from behind the chair!  Did you ever see such a cute face?


Here is my profile shot!  Look at that figure!  WOW!

You can tell that Dad loves me.  He thinks everything I do is cute!

Here I am getting to know Daisy!  She is going to teach me how to behave! 

See what a Happy Dog I am?  Mom loves me!

So Sleepy........ Good Night!


Please click on a link in the table below to see me grow.

Bella Mia,
Precious Puppy!
October 2005
Happy Thanksgiving
From Bella Mia!
November 2005
Merry Christmas!
From Bella Mia!
December 2005
Happy New Year!
I Love Meatballs!
January 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!
February 2006
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
March 2006
Happy Easter!
Jelly Beans?
April 2006
Guess What!
I Got A Haircut!
May 2006
Happy Father's Day!
I Love My Dad!
June 2006
Happy Fourth Of July!
God Bless America!
July 2006
Happy Birthday to ME!
I am one year old!
August 2006
Happy Fall To You!
Autumn is awesome!
September 2006
Happy Halloween!
Halloween is scary!
October 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!
I Am Thankful!
November 2006
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
December 2006