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Meet Daisy!

Daisy is a lucky Dog! This beautiful Maltese was born in December 2004 and found a loving home with my brother-in-law, Philip and my sister, Cassandra in March 2005. She lives THE GOOD LIFE! She is loved by everyone in the family. Daisy enjoys walks and car rides. She has a very sweet personality and enjoys people. We want to share some of the pictures of Daisy and her antics as she grows up! Right now Daisy weighs just two pounds.

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Here is Daisy out for a walk.


Daisy is very comfortable with Philip. 

She feels secure close to him.



Daisy visited the manatees with Rita, our sister-in-law and Cassandra.



Daisy in Philip's loving hands.



Daisy is so tired. 

Time for a nap!


Come back soon and watch me grow.

There will be more pictures coming!

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Adorable Doggie
March 2005

Adorable Doggie
April 2005
Daisy Gets Her
First Haircut!
May 2005
Discovers Toilet Paper!
June 2005
Is 7 Months Old!
July 2005
Dog Days
Of Summer!!
August 2005
Daisy Has
Good News!!
September 2005
Happy Halloween!
I'm Growing!
October 2005
Happy Thanksgiving!
Gobble! Gobble!
November 2005
Merry Christmas!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
December 2005
Happy New Year!
One Year Old!
January 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!
February 2006
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
March 2006
Happy Easter!
April 2006
Jelly Beans!
I Got A Stroller!!
I LOVE it!
May 2006!!
I Love My Dad!
June 2006!!
Lots of Noise!
July 2006!!
The "Dog Days Of Summer"
Don't Bother ME!
August 2006!!
Halloween's Coming!
September 2006!!

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