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Hello my friends.  Daisy here to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Delicious Easter!
  Scroll down to see what I got for Easter!

Hello there Easter Bunny!
I see you have some treats for GOOD DOGGIES, like me!

You sure are a strange looking bird!
What is that?  Looks like something good to drink!

I know my Mom and Dad will have some treats for me!
I can smell something!

I got this new toy from MaryAnne!  I love it. Thank You MaryAnne!
Keep scrolling.  I got more!

I am Daisy, the petite and neatly groomed BABE in Mom's loving arms!
Dad has that shaggy dog, Bella Mia on the left.  She is getting so big! 
I think it is all those meatballs that she likes to eat!

WOW!  Look at all of those Jelly Beans!
OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the treats!
I love Jelly Beans!