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Happy Halloween My Friends!  Glad To See You!

A lot has happened this month.  I am growing.  I had another vaccination at the vet and got weighed.  I weigh 6.2 lbs!  I'm more than a handful now!  Bill and Rosie got their puppy, Bella Mia.  She's  little and has a lot to learn.  I am trying to teach her a few things, but she does not pay attention.....Yes, she has a lot to learn!  Scroll down to see the pictures for October 2005!  It has been a busy month!

See how big I am!  Great legs, too.  I am getting very strong

See how nice I can sit and pose for a photo!

This is my GOOD SIDE!

I am checking out this new puppy, Bella Mia.  She looks "OK."


She smells "OK."

Hey Mom, I guess she is "OK."