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Happy Fall, Ya' All!

Happy Fall!  September is almost over and I have had a wonderful month!  Mom and Dad are taking very good care of me. I got a haircut! I get my teeth brushed everyday.  I just love all of this attention. 

I have great news.  I am going to have a playmate.  Bill and Rosie are getting a Maltese puppy in October.  She is a little girl and will be named Bella Mia.  I can't wait to play with her.  Scroll down and look at the pictures to see what I have been doing this month!

Here I am before my haircut!

See how long my hair is!


Here I am after my haircut!

It feels so good to be COOL!


See how I have my teeth brushed everyday!

Mommy loves me a lot!  Daddy does too!


I like to play with Uncle Bill!

He talks to me!  And I answer him.


Here I am in Dad's arms meeting Bella for the first time.

She sure is little!  I have a lot to teach her.


See you next month!
The End!