Welcome to the "Free Spirits" Group of The Scarlett O'Hatta's Chapter of the Red Hat Society in Sun City Center, Florida!

Rosie, Alene, Mary, Lynn, Norma, Juanita, Betty, Beverly, Barbara, Gladys and Dorothy all welcome you to our website!

Many thanks to Alene for our own special "Free Spirits" Logo!

We are merely one little group in The Scarlett O'Hatta's Chapter of the Red Hat Society.  Please click on the link below for all information on the Official RED HAT SOCIETY! Then scroll down to see pictures, news and information about "The Free Spirits" and "The Scarlett O'Hatta's."

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The Scarlett O'Hatta's Chapter of the Red Hat Society is located in Sun City Center, Florida.  We are a group of about 500 ladies of a "certain age" (We admit to 50!) who like to dress up in RED hats and PURPLE outfits! We then go out together for the primary purpose of having fun!

Our Officers Are:

Maggie Then---------Founding Queen Mother

Phyllis Lee------------Vice-Mother

Elaine Massaro-------Red Glovette  (Treasurer)

Betty Landis----------Barrister (Secretary)

You might be wondering why we wear RED Hats and PURPLE Outfits!  The answer follows.....

Here is an excerpt from a poem by Jenny Joseph

entitled WARNING!


When I am an Old Woman, I shall wear purple,
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me...

Maybe I ought to practice a little now, 
so people who know me are not too shocked or surprised when suddenly I am old and start to wear purple!


For more information on this delightful poem and the author, please click here!

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Many Thanks to Alene for the outstanding Scarlett O'Hatta graphics she designed just for The Scarlett O'Hatta's of Sun City Center!


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High Tea at "The Cottage Tea Room."!


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Mexican Theme Luncheon at Castillo's Restaurant!

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this website please email:   RedHatRosie@AOL.com

The founder of our "Free Spirits" group is Norma and you can email her at SunCitySue22@AOL.com

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