Meet the Officers of the "Purple Butterflies!"

    Here is Elaine Massaro our president.  She is also known as "Madam Butterfly" to all of her "Purple Butterfly" members.  As a child, her nickname was "Cookie" because she loved cookies! 

    Elaine lived over 40 years in New Jersey and then for two years in Pennsylvania before settling here in Sun City Center in 1986.  Before moving to Florida, Elaine worked as a teacher, office worker, bookkeeper, home clothing sales, Plastercrafts business, and a housewife.  In Florida, Elaine has organized the "Foxy Seniors Dance Club" with her husband, Frank, as well as this new chapter of the Red Hat Society in July 2002.

    Elaine lives with her husband, Frank and two soft coated Wheaten Terriers, Duffy and Mully.  Duffy, the five year old, was a show dog.  Mully, the two year old, was an abused dog, purchased from the Wheaten Rescue.  Elaine and Frank moved to their present location in order to have a fenced area for the two dogs.


 Meet our new Vice-Mother, Claire Imhof, who is also our Hysterian ("Chrystal Butterfly") and one of our main decorators/designers! As our Hysterian, she has kept beautiful records of all of our events! She also works very hard with design and decorating for all of our special events and her great style and flair show when you walk into a room she has designed and decorated. Claire is very active in the chapter! You can see, she wears many red hats for the Purple Butterflies!

Claire began her duties as Vice-Mother of the Purple Butterflies in March 2004. Her easy going personality, beautiful smile and helpful, generous nature are a definite asset to our chapter.

Before moving to Sun City Center, Claire was an assistant manager in banking in Pennsylvania. She was responsible for all aspects of banking including IRAs and mortgages. Claire's husband Norb is very supportive of Claire's interest in the Red Hat Society. Norb can be seen carrying a life size Red Hat Lady mannequin into special functions as well as toting 25 table centerpieces that he helped design and create! They have one son, two grandsons, and two great grandsons. Claire loves her daughter-in-law Norma. Norma cannot wait to turn fifty so that she too, can be a Red Hatter! She wants to follow in her mother-in-law's footsteps! They have a wonderful relationship! We welcome Claire as our Vice-Mother with open arms and gratitude.


 Meet our Secretary, Barbara Nightingale also known as, "Flutterby Butterfly!" Barbara is married to her husband Don, and has two children and one granddaughter. Barbara spent her working years as a dietitian and high school teacher of Food Service in Pittsburg, PA. Barbara and Don traveled extensively to Europe, South America and all over the USA! Because they loved boating so much, they moved to Key Largo and enjoyed boating there for 25 years. Barbara was President and Travel Director of the Key Largo Civic Club for ten years.

Key Largo's loss is Sun City Center's gain! In March 2003, they moved to Sun City Center and love it! Her hobbies include oil painting of sunsets and sea scenes, AAUW, Purple Butterflies, Lapidary Club, Gadabouts, MiniBus, crafts of all kinds, baking, and shopping!

Barbara loves cats and has a special cat Salty, that she rescued from a Key Largo Canal when he was only four weeks old. He IS a lucky cat! All of the Purple Butterflies are lucky to have Barbara in our chapter. She is creative, talented, enthusiastic, generous and full of energy! We welcome her and thank her with open butterfly wings!"    



Meet the FOUNDING Officers of the Purple Butterflies

Chapter of the Red Hat Society!

Here are Sandy Bolger, Linda Sheldon and Elaine Massaro.
(Left to Right)
This Red Hot motorcycle belongs to Linda Sheldon.
We couldn't resist the opportunity to show it off with our officers!

Sandy Bolger is our "Social Butterfly."

Linda Sheldon is nicknamed "Gypsy Butterfly" and is PAST Vice-President.

Elaine Massaro is  our Queen Mother, "Madam Butterfly" and is our President.


   Allow me to introduce Linda Sheldon, also known as "Gypsy Butterfly."  Linda is our PAST Vice-president.  Before moving to Sun City Center, Linda lived in Chicago.  Linda is semi-retired and works part time as a Physical Therapist. 

   Linda has many interests including, golf, gourmet cooking, and as you can see here, motorcycles!  At one time, Linda lived in Kansas.  Now when Linda puts on her RED shoes, she is very careful NOT to click her red heels, in case she ends up back in Kansas!

   Linda states that her husband, Bob, helped her to "spread her wings" these past nine years.  She plays the drums while he plays the bagpipes.  In Chicago, they raced sailboats.  Here in Sun City Center, they golf, ride motorcycles and play!


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