Our First Meeting!

"We've Only Just Begun!"

On July 30, 2002 Elaine Massaro  held the first organizational meeting of the "Purple Butterflies."  At that first meeting, 231 ladies of a "certain age" joined!  It was an overwhelming success. Here are a few pictures of the very first meeting.  Please be patient as the pictures load.

Elaine called the meeting to order with a big smile. She explained our rules. There are NO Rules!"

Some new members.

More new members.

More new members.

These new "Purple Butterflies" are already wearing the uniform of red hat and purple outfit.

Even more new members.

Last of the new members.

Meet the four ladies who were instrumental in making the first meeting such a success.

Left: Susan Schemenauer helped to set up the room and helped the ladies sign in.  Susan is also the "Anti-Parliamentarian."  That means she enforces our one rule of, "NO rules!"

Middle:  Gerri Snape is one of the "Purple Butterflies Elves."  That means she is a party helper and helped set up the room and direct ladies to the sign up table.

Right:  Erma Faron is the lady who will be heading the committee of "Purple Butterfly Messengers."  (Email and phone ladies)  Erma is also the lady who will send out the email reminders.  She also signed in the new members and helped set up the meeting room.

Seated:  Elaine Massaro is the Queen Mother.  She registered and organized this chapter ("Purple Butterflies") of the Red Hat Society!  She is very organized and enthusiastic.  Elaine has her work cut out for her and is already one terrific Queen Mother!  We are delighted that she has started this organization.


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